Property STORIES

Here are some of our most recent all cash purchases.

Here is a list of some of the houses I have purchased in the greater Houston area. Some required unbelievable work while others were simply burdensome to the owners and they preferred cashing in on their equity.

Each house has a different story but the main theme is that it made much more sense for people to sell it versus listing it and having to wait months before they got a contract.

Sagemont house purchased for $120,500 cash

Sagepark 77089

  • Price: $120,500
  • Days to close: 20
  • Repairs needed: $36,000

The homeowner sold the house for a cash offer because the foundation had a lot of issues and the cheapest quote they got was for $20,000. The master bedroom sloped from one end of the room to the other. Once you entered the room you would be going downhill just to get to the closet. Client was overjoyed not to have to deal with repairs but to sell it as-is.

Sagemont house purchased for $148,000 cash

Sagegate 77089

  • Price: $148,000
  • Days to close: 14
  • Repairs needed: $43,000

This home belonged to a couple that were hoarders and the wife had recently passed away. The husband moved in with his grown kids and his kids helped him sell the house since they felt it was not in a healthy, livable state. A 2 story home that had a chimney that went that went to both floors that was separating from the house.

77034 house purchased for $102,000 cash

Tolman 77034

  • Price: $102,000
  • Days to close: 14
  • Repairs needed: $40,000

The landlord was moving on from residential property rental to large facilities and needed to liquidate his assets in order to move to his next venture. I bought the house and gave him the freedom he needed to capitalize on the investment that came his way with a quick closing.

77075 house purchased for $96,000 cash

Foredale 77075

  • Price: $96,000
  • Days to close: 14
  • Repairs needed: $70,000

The house flooded in Harvey and was during that time it was being converted from a 3 bed, 2 bath to a duplex that would have 2 units of 2 bed, 1 bath. They had converted the garage and added on to the house but after the flood they lost interest in the entire project. I was able to take it off their hands and when I got it, the inside was at the stud level plus it had been vandalized on numerous occasions.

77075 house purchased for $112,500 cash

Gulf Spring 77075

  • Price: $112,500
  • Days to close: 7
  • Repairs needed: $32,000

This was a foreclosure purchased from the Harris County Auction. The house had flooded during Harvey and was unlivable. The house had been partially remediated but still needed lots of sheetrock removed as well as the kitchen and bathrooms demoed out rebuilt. Though we did not get to know the original homeowner it was evident how heartbreaking it really was to have your own home flooded and have to rebuild your life elsewhere.

77034 house purchased for $84,000 cash

Chambers 77034

  • Price: $84,000
  • Days to close: 14
  • Repairs needed: $30,000

The homeowner passed away and his spouse decided she wanted to move to another city. The house was infested with fleas, had foundation problems, as well as electrical issues. The house had not been kept up with for many years properly but had a fair amount of DIY fixes which in turn created greater problems. Ended up taking 3 fumigation treatments to get rid of the fleas.

Katy house purchased for $110,000 cash

Merrymount 77450

  • Price: $110,000
  • Days to close: 21
  • Repairs needed: $63,000

The tenants living in the house had destroyed the property for the homeowner. The it was once a beautiful house, the tenants, self-admittingly, had 20 dogs and 16 people living in it at one time. The owner wanted to get out of under the property and it needed to be done in a timely manner. The house needed a full foundation restoration, numerous cracked windows, and the smell of animals removed.