Is selling my house for a cash offer a good idea

Traditional Selling vs’ Direct Sale

A comparison between traditional selling vs. a direct sale

No matter your reason for selling always look at the options. Each person is different so consider it all and then do whatever works out best for you.

Selling to 77 Realty Solutions

  • No Repairs
  • No Remodeling
  • No Contractors
  • No Fees
  • No Commissions
  • One Showing
  • Cash Sale
  • Close on your Schedule
  • No Stress

Selling Traditionally

  • Expensive Repairs
  • Disruptive Remodeling
  • Hiring Contractors
  • Closing Fees
  • Realtor Commissions
  • Multiple Showings
  • Likely Financed
  • Usually 60+ Days
  • Very Stressful
Traditional Listing on HAR.com77 Realty Solutions
Commissions / Fees:Realtors usually charge 6% of the final sales price (half going to the listing realtor and the other half to the buyers realtor).I don’t charge any fees or commissions.
Who pays the closing costs?The seller. Typically around 2% of the final sale price.I pay it all.
Who does inspections?Yes. In most cases, a buyers lender will require this. And keep in mind, up to 15% of sales fall through.Not I.
Do I need to clean it?Yes! ..and it wouldn’t hurt to remove some of your furniture so potentional buyers can envision their own furniture in there.Makes no difference to me if its clean or dirty staged or not.
Is an appraisal needed?Yes. Lenders will require the home to appraise at a certain amount before releasing funds.Nope, I don’t need one.
Average days until its sold?54-85 days on the market, plus the time it takes to go through escrow.Normally, 2 weeks.
How many showings?Hard to tell but could be a lot.Just one time with me.
Who pays for repairs?Must be negotiate between Buyer and Seller.I do.
Will I get my full asking price?Unknown. Your agent should work hard to get the price you want, but there are no guarantees.I can tell you what you will get today. My offer is approximately 70% of the current market value but think of the time and money you’ll save but getting it done quickly.

I can close on your schedule. If 2 weeks makes sense for you then I’ll do it but if you need a more or less time just let me know.

Go ahead and use our Instant Cash Offer tool to see what a cash offer could be or Contact me with any questions.

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