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My name is Eric Wargo and I'm an investor that specializes in buying houses in greater Houston down to Galveston from homeowners who need to sell them quickly. I have been buying and selling houses for years. Since I pay cash for the houses and don't use a bank it means I can close quickly and I don't charge any additional fees.

I have built a business out of providing real-estate solutions to homeowners for difficult problems. I believe in being straight forward on every offer and showing people what the different options are and what makes the most sense. I'll give you a cash offer and then let you decide if its right for you. The condition of the house doesn't matter--I'm interested and I've worked with numerous families in Houston, mainly in the Southeast area.

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“Settlement and payment were handled promptly and as agreed. Very quick and easy process.” Mike McMahon
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Why would you sell a house as-is for a cash offer?
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  • Foundation problems
  • Are you in foreclosure
  • Job Relocation
  • Has the neighborhood gone down?
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Difficult tenants
  • Medical bills
  • Too many repairs needed
  • Retirement or downsizing
  • Death of a loved one
  • Inherited property you don't want
  • Job loss
  • Behind of payments
  • Tax Lien
  • Sell your house Fast

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Frequently Asked Questions
Preguntas de alta frequencia

How do you determine what the offer will be?

There are numerous factors that go into the equation, but it ends up being about 70% of the current value of the property.

What do you do with the house once you buy it?

We will make any necessary repairs and then add it to our portfolio of rental properties or turn around and sell it, aka as flipping the house.

Are we taking advantage of people?

Definitely not. A cash offer on a house isn’t for everyone but it is a perfect option for some. We want to help those to whom it will be a good idea. If a cash offer is not in your best interest then we will gladly let you know.

Property Stories
Cuentos de Propiedades

77034 house purchased for $102,000 cash

Tolman, Houston, TX 77034

Price: $102,000

77089 house purchased for $120,500 cash

Sagepark, Houston, TX 77089

Price: $120,500

77075 house purchased for $96,000 cash

Foredale, Houston, TX 77075

Price: $96,000