Vacant Land Purchasing – Cleveland, Splendora, North Houston

Vacant Land Purchasing – Cleveland, Splendora, North Houston

Greater Houston Vacant land purchasing.

Vacant land is everywhere in Texas.

You can find developed land like where it has been set up for neighborhood and you can also find the kind that’s just big open empty space. I guess this is what the Cowboys originally came looking for.

Regardless, you can have a piece of it if you want to. Currently 77 Realty Solutions has 3 lots in the greater Cleveland Texas area known as Splendora. These lots are connected to each other and have been set up for a neighborhood. They already have the utility set up, they just need housing.

Our goal is to buy double-wide manufactured homes or even modular homes to put on the property. Once the homes are ready we will owner finance them to end buyers or simply sell them on the MLS.

Vacant land is a great investment since there are numerous potentials out of these three properties. Since they are all right next to each other it can be done in a myriad of different ways like sell one off and keep the other two. We even considered putting a large brick and mortar house that spans 2 lots or even all 3.

Do the neighborhoods out there actually get sold?

If you look at those neighborhoods you’ll see that they are continually growing. People are building houses, they’re putting mobile homes but these areas are getting developed.

Also, if you buy a plot of land that has already been set up for a neighborhood then there’s a good chance that the builder who put in the streets and put in the utilities has already looked through that area and that City and that country and county to determine if this is an area that they feel that people would actually buy.

Are these houses going to be close enough to places where people would work or would want to live?
Is there a nice lake in that area? When the area was cleared out was it done well? Are the roads dirt roads or are they actual cement roads? Are there sidewalks? It all makes a big difference as to how you can sell it. Buying undeveloped land is one thing but buying land that simply doesn’t have the house on it yet is a whole other ball game and one worth getting into.

Do you have land to sell?

Do you want to see what a cash offer might look like on the property? In a recent purchase that we just made we asked the homeowner, who needed to get out of the lot desperately, we would put all our cards on the table so we asked him what was the amount that he had to pay off. I said, “I will give you that amount to pay off plus 10% more.” Of course, we pay all the closing costs so that 10% more is money in his pocket right now.

The former lot owner moved to California for a new job and we got the property that we wanted. Definitely a win-win.

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