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Do you live in Friendswood? Specifically, do you live in Heritage Park?

Heritage Park is a suburb but it’s not technically part of the city of Friendswood, though Friendswood is in the address. I once got pulled over by a police officer while I was in “proper” Friendswood and he told me that since I lived in Heritage Park I didn’t actually live in Friendswood. At the moment I really didn’t care but now I understand what he was talking about. Heritage Park is in Harris county but it is technically outside of the city limits since it’s not in Houston nor it is in Friendswood. This gives us a few additional benefits such as getting to do fireworks in our front yard whenever we feel like.

Have you ever done a Google search for the term “sell my house fast Friendswood” or “sell my house quickly Friendswood”?

Then you are in the right place. My name is Eric and I buy houses in Heritage Park of Friendswood including Forest Bend. I can close quickly on any house that I put an offer on. If you are stuck in the house that maybe you didn’t want or possibly that you inherited but you’d rather not keep it, or are going through a divorce, or even simply looking to unload a rental property let me know and I would be happy to look at it.

Because I myself live in Heritage Park I would prefer to own more homes in this neighborhood. I buy houses in Heritage Park in order to make them rental properties and allow other people to come and live in the neighborhood that I think is so incredible.

I am also a Realtor in Friendswood so if you are looking to sell a house for top dollar then let me know and I’m happy to list it for you and try to help you get it sold for max price and I only charge a 1% listing fee vs’ the traditional 3%.

If you are looking to sell your house in Friendswood let me know. I might buy it or I could help you sell it. Either way you win by simply calling.

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