Are you a Realtor with a hard to sell property?

Are you a Realtor with a hard to sell property?

Are you a realtor? Do you have a house that is hard to sell?

Maybe the house is not livable so no formal loan process will allow you to accept an offer on it.

Maybe the house is not livable in its current condition so you can’t offer to accept any loans. We can help with that.

We are cash buyers who buy properties that are hard to move on the standard MLS. You can still make your commission and we will not charge any commission. We are realtors as well but in this case we would forgo our commission.

We always pay all closing costs except for taxes and commissions.

Quick Case Study on how we helped a Realtor

Recently we had a Realtor bring us a property that had tenants in it who needed to be evicted due to non-payment.

The homeowner didn’t want the hassle of the eviction process. The Realtor wanted to sell it for the homeowner but this isn’t an easy to move property. Not only did it have a necessary eviction, the house itself was run down and in a hard to sell area.

Instead of evicting the tenant and listing the house on the MLS the Realtor had us go look at the property.

We were able to speak to the tenants and talk to them about needing to move out. The tenants had legit reasons for not being able to pay rent (layoff) but the homeowner had given them 30 days to move out.

Our goal was that the tenants felt comfortable with what was happening and that they understood the expectations.

We did end up putting a contract on the house even before the tenants had moved out.

We paid the closing costs and did not charge commissions. The Realtor that brought us the deal never had to list the house on the MLS, didn’t have to provide pictures, and didn’t have to do a walk-through or even put a lockbox on the house. Does it get easier than that?

Conclusion: Realtors, sell every house for your clients

If you have properties that are hard to sell or maybe nobody is interested in buying a property you’ve already listed then let us know about it. Getting a cash offer does not bypass the Realtor in any way.

Realistically, cash offers are not always the best solution for moving houses that are hard to sell but a cash offer could be exactly what the homeowner wants. Give us a call and we are happy to help out. There’s no obligation to get an offer and there’s really no obligation to accept our offer.

You do what’s in your clients and in your best interest.

It can be a win for everyone involved (and it always needs to be a win for everyone ;)).

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