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We specialize in the Heritage Park subdivision of Friendswood but are eager to give you a cash offer anywhere from Houston down to Galveston.

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    Friendswood, TX – Sell my house fast in Heritage Park | Cash Buyer | Realtor

    Do you live in Friendswood? Specifically, do you live in Heritage Park? Heritage Park is a suburb but it’s not technically part of the city of Friendswood, though Friendswood is in the address. I once got pulled over by a police officer while I was in “proper” Friendswood and he told me that since I […]

    Big 3 Rehab Items for Investors in Houston

    Real Estate’s Big 3 REHAB items in 2020

    The Big 3 are the largest parts of a home that need to be considered—the foundation, the roof, and the HVAC system. Knowing the state the big 3 are in is critical, since that tends to be what costs the most when you do your rehab. When it comes to rehab, none of the big […]

    Sell your house with foundation problems

    Houston, TX | Foundation Problems for Homeowners trying to Sell their House

    What is the truth behind foundation problems? Every investor has what he would call The Big Three.  The Big three are Foundation, HVAC and Roof. To be honest even if you are an investor if any of those three items need to be replaced they can get very pricey. Specifically foundation. Foundation repairs can get […]