Our 3 Step PROCESS

Nuestro proceso de 3 PASOS

There are many reasons, like foreclosure, inherited properties, etc..., why someone might want to sell their house fast.
Quick Answer / Respuesta rápida
Tell me your story. (person calling me) Usted me cuentas de lo que está pasando.
I see the house and I'll give you a cash offer. (me, different color, going to see house) Yo veo la casa y te doy la oferta de cash.
We close and you get money. (person and me smiling with person holding money) Cerramos juntos y recibes tu dinero.
Long Answer / Respuesta larga
Tell me the story... Owning property can get complicated, fast! Maybe you owe property taxes or you've missed payments. Maybe you are going through divorce  or you are being foreclosed on. Those are 2 incredibly heart-wrenching things. Your story matters. Selling your house could be a burden lifted from your shoulders.  In the movies anyone who inherits a property always walks away with a resort condo in Malibu but in the real world its probably beat-up, has rodents, smells like urine, ...you get the idea. Sell it and use the money for something that you would enjoy. Regardless of your reason, share your story. Many times this can be a phone call.
Lets meet at the house... I will need to see the house in person to make sure I understand the condition its in. There is nothing that would deny you an offer, especially not foundation problems, AC, or roof issues. I bought a house once that needed $30,000 in foundation repair. I'll give you the offer on the spot. You can ask as many questions as you like and I will do my best to make sure you, and anyone with you, completely understands the process. I only buy houses when its a win-win for everyone involved. Most people get the offer and then need to talk about it with their significant others. The offer is good for a while so if you want to think it over that is fine.
When do we close.... The closing date is 100% negotiable. If I bought your house today, do you have another place to live? Chances are you will need to make living arrangements. We'll close when its convenient for you. Usually within an hour after signing, the funds are deposited into your account or a check is issued to you. It really is that simple. I will pay for all the closing costs, minus taxes. We don't charge you any commissions and you walk away with some money. If you need help moving let me know and I can help you out.