Sell my house as is

Can I sell my house As-Is?

Can I sell my house as is for cash and FAST!!!????

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: Yes, sir!

There are many instances why a cash offer for your home is in your best interest. If for any reason you have a house that you feel is going to take a ton of work to get it ready to sell then consider not doing any of the fix up, just sell your house as-is. There are tons of people who would consider buying it–mainly me.

I once bought a house from someone who sold it because he had let some relatives live in the house for a few years while he lived elsewhere and they simply destroyed the house. He was a friend of mine so he asked me to look at it and when I saw how much work it was going to require I told him I could either list the house for him or I could give him an offer for it as is.

Most cash offers end up being roughly 68% of today’s market value for the current state of the house.

That doesn’t mean 68% of what the house was worth when you bought it or what it would be worth after it gets fixed up but what its worth as is?

Why would you sell a house for cash then?

I realize 68% can sound like you are getting cheated but for the property I mentioned above it took me $63,000 to fix up the house.

The original owner didn’t have that money and in fact didn’t really have the money to make the next payment on the house so wanted the funds asap. On top of that he had to pay another outstanding loan which was due around the same time.

Thanks to the cash offer I gave him, he was able to close fast on the house and pay off his additional debt.

I ran into him a bit after I had finished working on the house and he still walked in an excited manner that the burden had been lifted.

See what a cash offer could do on your house. Contact us it might just be the realty solution you were looking for.

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