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My “Definitive Guide” series attempts to give you all the facts about specific real estate topics. Most of these come from experience and research.

As usual, let me know if I can be of service to you in any way.

Eric Wargo

FHA 90 Day Rule

What is the FHA 90 day rule to buy and sell houses? FHA is the Federal Housing Act. An FHA loan is a government-backed loan which adheres to government guidelines. In short, the FHA 90 day rule states that once a property has been purchased and the deed has been changed from one owner to […]

A 7 part plan to get your house or listing sold.

A 7 part plan to get your house or listing sold

Don’t worry it happens. Listings don’t always sell the way you plan. You might be the homeowner or the Realtor but these ideas will help. The items below are in a specific order but you don’t have to do them in this order or just pick and choose some ideas. These ideas assume you have […]

El proceso de desalojo para inquilinos morosos

El proceso de desalojo para inquilinos morosos

El proceso por el cual los dueños pueden desalojar a los inquilinos que se rehúsan a pagar la renta. Ser el propietario de un apartamento o casa en renta es genial, sin embargo no siempre es fácil. Esperemos que nunca tenga que desalojar a nadie, pero en caso de que usted lo tenga que hacer, […]

Can I keep monthly cash flow without the ongoing maintenance headache?

Can I keep monthly cash flow without the headache?

Question: Love your monthly cash flow from rentals but tired of the ongoing maintenance headache? We have a solution. Statement: The goal is passive income but ongoing maintenance isn’t passive. Solution: We would like to buy your house as-is, with or without tenants, as an owner finance deal. This means you act as a bank […]

Landlord eviction process for tenants who dont pay rent

The Landlord Eviction Process for Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

The process of how landlords can evict tenants for not paying rent. Being a landlord is great but isn’t always the easiest thing. Hopefully you never have to evict anyone but if you do, you need to know how it works. I live in Houston, Texas so this process is based on Texas law and […]

The definite guide to FEMA flood zones

The Definitive Guide to FEMA flood zones and Determining Yours | Houston, TX

I live in Houston, TX and ever since Hurricane Harvey hit, we all want to make sure we understand the flood zones. Flood zones designations are a really good thing. FEMA isn’t guaranteeing anything by determining them but it gives you the ability to make necessary arrangements. All this info is on the FEMA website […]

Big 3 Rehab Items for Investors in Houston

Real Estate’s Big 3 REHAB items in 2020

The Big 3 are the largest parts of a home that need to be considered—the foundation, the roof, and the HVAC system. Knowing the state the big 3 are in is critical, since that tends to be what costs the most when you do your rehab. When it comes to rehab, none of the big […]

Is selling my house for a cash offer a good idea

Traditional Selling vs’ Direct Sale

A comparison between traditional selling vs. a direct sale No matter your reason for selling always look at the options. Each person is different so consider it all and then do whatever works out best for you. Selling to 77 Realty Solutions No Repairs No Remodeling No Contractors No Fees No Commissions One Showing Cash […]

How to stop foreclosure

A letter to homeowners going through Foreclosure

A homeowners guide to the 4 options during foreclosure and you might be able to keep your house First off, foreclosure is a terrible thing to have to go through. It’s a heart-wrenching time and for that I am truly sorry. The goal of the list below is to mention some of the options you […]