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Vacant Land Purchasing – Cleveland, Splendora, North Houston

Vacant Land Purchasing – Cleveland, Splendora, North Houston

Greater Houston Vacant land purchasing. Vacant land is everywhere in Texas. You can find developed land like where it has been set up for neighborhood and you can also find the kind that’s just big open empty space. I guess this is what the Cowboys originally came looking for. Regardless, you can have a piece […]

El proceso de desalojo para inquilinos morosos

El proceso de desalojo para inquilinos morosos

El proceso por el cual los dueños pueden desalojar a los inquilinos que se rehúsan a pagar la renta. Ser el propietario de un apartamento o casa en renta es genial, sin embargo no siempre es fácil. Esperemos que nunca tenga que desalojar a nadie, pero en caso de que usted lo tenga que hacer, […]

Landlord eviction process for tenants who dont pay rent

The Landlord Eviction Process for Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

The process of how landlords can evict tenants for not paying rent. Being a landlord is great but isn’t always the easiest thing. Hopefully you never have to evict anyone but if you do, you need to know how it works. I live in Houston, Texas so this process is based on Texas law and […]

sell my house fast heritage park friendswood

Friendswood, TX – Sell my house fast in Heritage Park | Cash Buyer | Realtor

Do you live in Friendswood? Specifically, do you live in Heritage Park? Heritage Park is a suburb but it’s not technically part of the city of Friendswood, though Friendswood is in the address. I once got pulled over by a police officer while I was in “proper” Friendswood and he told me that since I […]

Sell my house as is

Can I sell my house As-Is?

Can I sell my house as is for cash and FAST!!!???? Short answer: Yes! Long answer: Yes, sir! There are many instances why a cash offer for your home is in your best interest. If for any reason you have a house that you feel is going to take a ton of work to get […]